Eve Hutcherson, the G-ma of these Chronicles, is a writer living and working in Nashville, Tennessee, where she has slowly begun to cope with the shock of becoming a grandmother and is re-learning to appreciate the perspective on life that is the magical property of small children only. LidasunglassesMeblog.10.15

A native Kentuckian (and lifelong member of the Big Blue Nation), Eve has adopted Music City for her own, along with all the quirky, bizarre, friendly, and Southern things that make it (in her humble, unbiased opinion), one of the best places to live on the planet.  When rattling off her long list of blessings, she counts things like live music, her Basset Hound, Madelineincarblog10.15her amazing friends, great art, theater, and yoga classes close at hand, and hot chicken (never to be confused with chicken served at a high temperature) with biscuits—but most of all, and always, her incredible family,wherever they are and have been, a source of love and comedy that never, ever runs dry.

Special dedication from the authorDad,Harlanicecreamblog10.15

All family stories shared here are dedicated to the memory of my father, J. Kelley Hutcherson, Sr., who encouraged me as a writer in ways only a father can until the very end of his long life.  It is also dedicated to the memory of my sister Jane, one of the warmest, most giving, bravest, and funniest people the world will ever know.

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All material on this blog is copyright The G-ma Chronicles.


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